Durham's Republican Slate of Candidates for Nov. 8th

For Governor: BOB STEFANOWSKI Bob is a state native from New Haven, currently residing in nearby Madison. He is from a working class family and was blessed with a successful business career. Bob’s CPA, CFA, and MBA and years of experience are what Connecticut needs to root out waste, fraud, and abuse.

For Lieutenant Gov.: LAURA DEVLIN A teacher’s daughter, Laura Devlin followed her dad’s entrepreneurial footsteps and started her own firm in her home state of Connecticut. She knows the devastating effects the state’s fiscal mismanagement has had on our families.

For Secretary of State: DOMINIC RAPINI A lifelong New Haven County man who went to college right here in Connecticut, Dominic has had a successful business career. Dominic is a proud family man who knows a bright future requires change today.

For Attorney General: JESSICA KORDAS A Norwalk native and UConn Law grad, Jessica has led the fight for parents to make choices for their children. As AG she will be a lawyer for the people, focused on advocacy, not activism and protect parents’ rights and freedom of speech.

For State Treasurer: HARRY ARORA A naturalized American born and raised in India, Harry embodies the American Dream. He has over 25 years of experience in investment management, and two terms as a state representative. He is prepared to do the hard work needed to fix Connecticut's finances.

For Comptroller: MARY FAY A Connecticut native with many years experience in Hartford’s storied insurance industry, Mary is a fiercely independent woman with the integrity needed to bring transparency and efficiencies to the comptroller’s office.

For US Senate: LEORA B. LEVY Born in Havana, Leora and her family fled Cuba in 1960. She recognizes the US has been a haven for her family and so many who’ve seen first hand the crippling yoke of Marxist ideology. She has lived in Connecticut for over three decades.

For US House of Representatives: LESLEY DENARDIS A New Haven County native who has spent her career in higher education, Lesley wants to restore the principles of limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty and opportunity for all—principles her father championed as the last Republican from the 3rd Congressional district.

For State Senate (34th District): PAUL CICARELLA A New Haven County native and incumbent Senate Republican Whip, Paul is eager to be joined by more Republicans in the upper chamber to help turn the state around!

For State Senate (12th District): PAUL CRISCI Paul is a successful businessman who knows officials in Hartford aren’t truly representing the citizens of the 12th Senate District. He will change that.

For State House of Representatives (86th District): VINCENT J. CANDELORA A North Branford native and the incumbent House Minority Leader, Vin has been tirelessly leading the charge against countless irresponsible ideas from across the aisle. He knows his work is not done!

For State House of Representatives (101st District): JOHN RASIMAS After 38 years a Connecticut State Auditor, John is focused on fiscal responsibility and knows that that is critical to making our state a more economically stable place for our families. He also knows safety is critical and will oppose any legislation that impedes police ability to maintain community safety.